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      Welcome to Nordic translation & e-commerce. 


The purpose of this web is to enhance the support services we provide     

 to our   customers                                                               




                        translation and interpretation services. 

                         cross-cultural consultancy.     




Nordic Translation & E-Commerce has evolved owing to the needs of the increasing  number of Scandinavian business communities in Singapore and the Asean region.


Today, we have many local clients as well doing business with the Scandinavian countries. Some of our local clients started by getting their WebPages translated by us as an important first step to penetrate the Scandinavian market.


Our organization is the only one in South-East Asia that specializes in the Nordic languages. All translation projects are certified by

Scandinavian University educated translators and is kept strictly confidential.





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You may also obtain support by telephone/fax at [(65)5814744]           [ feedback ]



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